It’s All in Your Mind

By E.Dee

Nothing can exist without your express approval. There is nothing in your world that does not exist without your consent. Every event, every happening, and every moment exists because you allow it to exist. There is nothing in your life that does not have your stamp of approval at some level.

So what does this mean? This means you are the creator of your world and a co-creator for the lives other people. You have a direct responsibility for your life and everything in it. Likewise, you have a more indirect responsibility for what is in the lives of others. Your thoughts create your reality, just as they influence and help create reality for others.

Your thoughts and your emotions are the catalysts upon which the world moves, shapes and forms. There is nothing in this world that you did not have a hand in creating.

The world is there for you to do with as you please. If you want world war, then continue with thoughts of hatred, greed and destruction. If you want a world of peace and harmony, then cultivate such thoughts. Your thoughts create your reality.

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