Evolve the Easy Way – By Living!

By E.Dee

The process of moving to a higher state of consciousness is not difficult or complex. It is all a matter of living your experience – your life – to its fullest expression. In this case, “fullest expression” means understanding and appreciating life and what it means to be alive. Many of you walk around in a semi-comatose state, not seeing or really comprehending what is happening around you. Many of you have no appreciation for life, which means you take it for granted.

Life is a wondrous state of being. Being alive is a state of consciousness – nothing more and nothing less. Being alive is not just a physical state, but also a mental and spiritual one.

You are here to experience thoughts and emotions in a tangible way. You are here to experience pain and suffering, as well as joy and bliss. This does not mean that the purpose of life is to suffer. On the contrary, the purpose of life is to rise above pain and suffering by seeing reality as it is and understanding that all emotions are false. While you may feel them strongly, they do not really exist on the physical plane. Rather, they exist on the mental plane and as such, have no bearing on or relation to your physical world.

Emotions will always lead you in the wrong direction. You should always follow your heart, which is quite different from following your emotions. Emotions are false, but your heart connects you to the source of all that is – Universal Consciousness. If you follow your heart, you will move forward and evolve to a higher state of consciousness. But it doesn’t end here.

Once you have mastered the experiences on this plane, you will be ready to move on to the next, and the next, and the next….

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  1. Peter Trubody says:

    A wonderful and insightful post! How true! A must read,

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