Who Said Time Was Linear?!

By E.Dee

Time is not what it appears to be. Most of us view time as a linear equation, but there are actually many facets that combine to make up what we know as “time”.

Time is a function of a continuum and as such operates in a cyclical and transversal fashion. What is meant by “transversal” is that time moves according to our perceptions of it (Note: I had to look up “transversal”! Definition: A line that cuts across two or more (usually parallel) lines.)

Time, as we know it, is an artificial construct used to measure the distance between events in our lives. But it is actually fluid, very changeable, and dynamic – not static. We have set the length of an hour as 60 minutes and the length of a minute as 60 seconds, but time is actually immeasurable in static terms because it is always changing and moving. We can move through time, backwards or forwards, just as we can easily move between dimensions.

How you see and experience the world depends on your frame of mind – your mindset. Change your mindset and you will automatically change your perception of time and space, as well as your experience of it.

If you see time as static, you will experience it as such. If you allow yourself to see time as dynamic, this will become your experience.

How you see the world depends on your state of mind and your state of mind depends on your inner core. Your inner core is the part of you that is connected to and with the universal consciousness – the universal mind. If your inner core is at peak efficiency then you will see reality as it is, without the baggage of extra emotions or thoughts. Seeing reality as it really is just another way of saying “enlightenment”.

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  1. SG Redling says:

    Great post and an important reminder. To (badly) paraphrase Einstein, “Put your hand on a hot stove for two minutes and it feels like two hours. Sit next to a pretty girl for two hours and it feels like two minutes. That’s relativity!”

  2. In our regular lives time does move in a linear fashion and it is relative by its very nature. For me, time is the quintessence of all in the universe.

    I have learned some good stuff from http://www.innerwhispers.net/

    Lovingly, Che Peta

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