What Are You Doing with Your Life?

By E.Dee

Every day has a beginning and an end – just as every life has a start and a finish. What we choose to do with the moments in between is what determines the quality of our life and the type of person we become.

Just as surely as you are sitting here reading this, you know the sun will rise, the sun will set, and one day this life will come to an end. This thought is not meant to scare or depress you. It is meant to be a wake-up call. Your life will end. This is an irrefutable and unavoidable fact.

Too many of us are running around focusing on trivial issues – issues that in no way help raise our consciousness or even help us live better, more enjoyable lives.

Think about everything you did, thought and saw yesterday. How much of your time was spent in constructive pursuits? Did any of your actions directly help another person? Did you consciously direct any of your thoughts toward helping humanity? Did you really look at and see the person standing next to you in the checkout line?  Did you look into that stranger’s eyes and see her hopes, dreams, fears and failures? Did you ask yourself how you could make a difference in someone’s life? Did you think about giving before you thought of what you would get in return?

If you struggled just to remember what you might have thought or said yesterday, you can be sure you are not living with awareness. Only by living with awareness of what you are thinking, seeing, and doing can you move to the next stage of consciousness and spiritual development.

Start living with awareness today and see how much happier and more meaningful your life becomes.

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  1. Veronika says:

    I love the way you express the time concept – a beautiful thought we should all be comfortable with but have little guidelines how to access it… thank you!

  2. Wonderful points:D Will take some time to toy with the points.

  3. ..” I am really thankful to this topic because it really gives useful information “.

  4. learnt some interesting points from this post thanks a lot

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