Fan the Flames of Life

By E.Dee

There is no need to be afraid in life, or in death. We are here to live our lives and to live them more fully. When we allow fear and pain to rule our lives, we are not living. We are just squandering our greatest resource and asset – our life!

You have been given a precious gift – life. Why waste it dreaming about what could have been, or what you should have done? The past is the just that, the past. You cannot change it. So, instead of living with regrets, why not make a commitment to live your life differently? Make a commitment to yourself to move forward with a renewed sense of purpose and peace. Only you can change your life. Only you can live your life. Decide today how you want to live it – in fear and regret or with an openness to loving yourself and others?

Change embraced without fear has infinite potential, whereas change embraced with fear and regret can only limit your potential and will eventually suffocate the spark of life.

Fan the flames of life by reaching out, connecting, and loving yourself and others today.

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