Your Heart Is Speaking – Are You Listening?

By E.Dee

We all have something to give the world. Each of us can contribute to humanity’s progress.

The question is are we willing to step up and do our part to help humanity move forward on the evolutionary scale of consciousness? To do this, we have to look deep within ourselves and listen to what each of our souls has to say. Most of us excel at listening to what our mind has to say, but when it comes to what our heart has to say, many of us claim ignorance because “ignorance is bliss”. At least, this is what we have been told.

But ignorance of Self is not bliss – it is torture. Ignorance of your true Self and what you came here to accomplish is why so many people feel a void or a hollowness when they look at their lives. People who have everything they could need or want feel a vacuum, a dark hole that gnaws away at them. The reason for this feeling and its resolution are quite simple.

People feel a void when they have deserted or ignored their true Self and calls from the Universe to do something meaningful to help humanity. The way each person helps will be different. Some will be out in the thick of things making things happen. Others will make a difference by sitting quietly in their homes. Whichever way, they can all have a positive impact on society and humanity.

Resolution of this hollow feeling involves nothing more than listening to your true Self. You don’t have to change your life to make a difference. You just have to open the lines of communication between your rational mind and your true Self. Learn to hear and follow your heart. In this instance, “heart” means your soul and not your emotions. Following your emotions will get you into trouble, but following your heart will bring you nothing but joy and pleasure. Don’t try to control or change anything – just be aware and listen.

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    Most of your message got cut off. In answer to the one question I can see – I write all my own material so I have not had any trouble.

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