Between Birth and Death Is LIFE

By E.Dee

If you knew you were going to die in one hour, how much more radiant would a yellow tulip look? How much more delicious would a banana taste? How much more wondrous and miraculous would each breath be knowing this could be your last? If you knew you only had an hour to live, what would you embrace and what would you discard? What hurts and upsets would you immediately let go of? I suspect you would suddenly see the god in everyone and every mundane task. Suddenly, washing the dishes would become a pleasure, an honor, a ritual with a new and profound significance.

Each of us will draw a final breath. It is certain, it is inevitable. Some of us will know how much time we have left – a week, a month, a year – while others will not.  Nonetheless, that final breath awaits us all and what stands between now and that final breath is life. So how are you going to live it? What questions will you ask and what will you seek? Will you choose to live the life you have left with movement and joy or will you choose to live life in “stuckness”? Will you choose to dance with life or will you stay at one spot on the shore just watching life go by without ever jumping in and seeing the possibilities of where it can lead? The choice is yours because you are all that has ever been, all that is, and all that will ever be. You have always been home, you are home and you will always be home. Everything that is in the universe is in you. How are you going to be with it? How are you going to live it?

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  1. Your words and insights are much appreciated. I picked up your book in a small store in Berkeley Springs, WV, recently, and have reveled in the succinct and pointed message for lightworkers and all humanity. Thank You for the blog and commitment to our planetary awakening!

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