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Between Birth and Death Is LIFE

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If you knew you were going to die in one hour, how much more radiant would a yellow tulip look? How much more delicious would a banana taste? How much more wondrous and miraculous would each breath be knowing this could be your last? If you knew you only had an hour to live, what would you embrace and what would you discard? What hurts and upsets would you immediately let go of? I suspect you would suddenly see the god in everyone and every mundane task. Suddenly, washing the dishes would become a pleasure, an honor, a ritual with a new and profound significance.

Each of us will draw a final breath. It is certain, it is inevitable. Some of us will know how much time we have left – a week, a month, a year – while others will not.  Nonetheless, that final breath awaits us all and what stands between now and that final breath is life. So how are you going to live it? What questions will you ask and what will you seek? Will you choose to live the life you have left with movement and joy or will you choose to live life in “stuckness”? Will you choose to dance with life or will you stay at one spot on the shore just watching life go by without ever jumping in and seeing the possibilities of where it can lead? The choice is yours because you are all that has ever been, all that is, and all that will ever be. You have always been home, you are home and you will always be home. Everything that is in the universe is in you. How are you going to be with it? How are you going to live it?

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Now Is The Time…

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I am not worried about the transition and what is coming next for humanity. However, I am concerned about the millions of beings who will be caught unaware, because it will be a difficult time for them and many will choose to exit rather than stay and see the transition through.

For those who have worked hard to liberate their soul from the repetitive cycle of boom and bust that has played out over the millennia, their time to shine is at hand.

The time has come to reap the rewards and benefit from what so many have worked so long and hard for. Now is the time to experience complete and absolute joy. The long hard days of struggling with duality are over. From now on, reality will manifest instantly from a single thought. We will no longer be slaves to thought patterns that were created millennia ago and have brought humanity endless despair and suffering.

Now is the time to hold our heads high and look around us for the first time. Now is the time to see reality as it really is and experience the wonders of the universe and our own magnificence within that universe.

Humanity is being given the opportunity to take control of its existence in a way it has never experienced. We are being asked to take responsibility for our thoughts, actions and behavior and, in return, humanity will become masters of our own soul on this physical plane.

The time has come for us to step forward on the great path of enlightenment and existence. We are now in charge of what we want to experience as our reality. Rather than sitting back and weeping about what we have lost in this life, we can finally let go of the shackles from the past that have held us captive in our own hearts and minds. Now is the time to spread our wings and explore the magnificence of who we are – beings capable of creation on a grand scale. Now is not the time to undersell our abilities, but to explore and push beyond all boundaries.

Now is the time to open our hearts to all possibilities and open our minds without fear or hesitation. The future of this world and existence depends on each of us and what we envision as our future. We don’t necessarily have to have a concrete idea of what we want to see or experience – just a rough idea will suffice. In fact, it is enough to know in your heart you want something different – something more peaceful, harmonious and expansive than what we have now. That’s all it will take to propel us into a new world of existence – a single thought that all of this can be different, that it can be better.

The end of the world is not just around the corner as some would have you believe. But the beginning of a new existence, a new way of perceiving the world, is and all we have to do is desire the world to be different than it is today.

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The World Needs Dreamers, Not Heroes

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Now is not the time to be a hero by taking action. We are moving into a turbulent phase in which there is a risk events could overtake us. Now is the time to sit back and really look at what is going on and ponder.

We need to take a moment and think about where we want to go as a group. What are our goals, dreams, and ambitions? What are our hopes and fears? As soon as you identify your fears, you need to let go of them because focusing on them will only make them a reality.

Now is the time to focus with complete honesty and clarity on what your spirit and soul desire. Now is definitely NOT the time to be solely concerned with monetary or material matters.

We are at a pivotal point in human history where we can decide how we move forward as a group. We are being given a once in an eon gift – the ability to shape our own future existence by choosing who and what we want to become. We have always had the freedom to choose our destiny, but its scope was restricted. The limits have been removed and we are free to soar as far and wide as we please.

The only thing holding us back from experiencing complete joy and peace is ourselves! We have been conditioned to believe suffering is a necessary component of life, but it isn’t. Suffering is only a temporary creation of our own minds that pops up now and then as we struggle to remember the purpose of human experience.

We are here to experience love, peace, harmony, and joy – not hatred, jealousy or greed. However, this is what we have chosen to experience as a group and these emotions and traits now dominate our psyches. We spend more hours each day experiencing negative thoughts than positive ones because we have allowed the undercurrent of duality to become prominent. Now is the time to change this.

What we think and feel at this moment and over the next year will lay the cornerstone for how we will develop over the next several millennia. Choose your thoughts wisely and watch your emotions. Don’t get caught up in the anger and desperation that will be all around you very soon. Stand back and remember that this hatred will come to an end quicker than you thought possible. It will end almost as suddenly as it began, but we have to do our part in helping humanity heal and move beyond its troubled past.

It is time to imagine a future dominated by love, peace and harmony. At this moment, we don’t need heroes who will react to what is going on around them fighting fire with fire. We need dreamers who will sit back and focus on changing the paradigm. We need dreamers who are willing not just to think out of the box, but to jump out of it and envision a higher expression of humanity – an expression that will move us all closer to our true selves.

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