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Let Go of the Shackles that Bind

Disadvantages can be turned into advantages, just as disharmony and unhappiness can be turned into peace and joy. The method is the same for each.

First, you must look inside your heart and see what it is you really want to feel and experience. If you truly want to experience joy and happiness, then there is nothing in this world that can stop you. If you truly want to feel loneliness and despair, then there is nothing in this world except you that can prevent it. There is a saying that we are often our own worst enemy, and this is true. We are the ones who rob ourselves of happiness and joy. We are the ones who rob ourselves of love and friendship. And we are the ones who hinder our own spiritual advancement.

No one else stops you or prevents you from getting what you truly deserve, which is happiness and joy beyond all measure. There are no limits to the joy and happiness that can be felt on this planet. This world is a wondrous place filled with excitement and joy for all who care to take part and participate. “Participate” is the key word, because you can live without ever participating in life. If you let life blow you this way and that way, then you are not an active participant in your life. To “participate” in life, you must reach out and learn and experience. You must reach out and explore what is around you. You cannot live in a shell, consumed by fear and regret.

Fear and regret hold you back and prevent you from seeing reality as it truly is and as it truly was meant to be. Fear and regret are the shackles that bind you to unhappiness and loneliness. By letting go of fear and regret, you will let go of disappointment and hurt.

One Small Step for You, One Giant Leap for Humankind

The future is yours to hold in your hands and create as you will. No one can tell you the right way or wrong way to live, just as no one can say which is best for you.

Only you can create your future and only you can decide what is in your highest interest. You are the one living your life. Let other people do what is best for them, while you live your life and do what is best for you. This is why you should not judge others for the decisions they make. They have made those decisions based on their life circumstances and, on a higher level, what they wish to experience in this life. Their decisions are right for them and that is all you need to know. You do not need to understand why those decisions are best because it is not your life – it is theirs.

Sometimes the decisions other people make affect your life in a positive or negative way and, when negative, it is very difficult to step back and see the larger picture. But this is what we must all start doing. We must remove our attachment to outcomes and personalities. We must stand back with the realization and acceptance that not all is as it seems. There is a broader plan to every event in your life, whether it is instigated by you or by someone around you. We are all working together to create “the whole” and that “whole” is the universe itself. Every cog and wheel has a purpose. The universe operates like a finely tuned machine – although right now many of you will be looking around and saying, “I just don’t see it that way – everything is falling apart”. There is a reason for every event and every happening – large and small. There is nothing that is meaningless or random.

Every action has a purpose and an outcome. The outcomes are what you see as “life”. Some of the outcomes you see around you now are the result of events, and even thoughts, that took place hundreds of years ago, and some are the result of things that happened yesterday.

If you want to change your reality, you must change the way you think and view the world. You must include yourself in the events happening around you – this means you must accept that you are a co-creator and helped in bringing about everything happening around you.

Your thoughts matter, as do your actions. You are not alone in the universe. You are a co-creator along with the billions of other people on your planet today. Together you are creating the universe, and along with it, your lives. What you see around you are the results of your thoughts and actions.

You will see a different world when you begin to change your thoughts and actions.


Your Passion for Life

The passion you bring to your life is determined by how much passion you have for living. Living is not just about going to work each day or making money. Life is about reaching out and connecting with those around you. And passion for life is about establishing a foothold in your community and sharing your life with those around you. Sharing your life nourishes your soul. If you don’t nourish your soul, you might be physically alive, but you are only seeing and experiencing a tiny aspect of life.

Life is about giving and receiving. Both are equally important. So, the next time someone wants to give you a hug or even a piece of chewing gum, accept it gratefully, knowing that your acceptance has helped this person become more fulfilled and complete.

Reaching out to others is another way to attain fulfillment. Reach out to your neighbor or the person you pass in the store and offer them a smile or a kind word. In so doing, you will help nourish your soul and bring more joy and peace into our life as well as that of the other person.

Life is about giving and receiving and not just making (a living) or getting (a new car). Life is about nurturing your soul. It is about reconnecting with your soul and your true essence.

Life is about having fun and bringing more joy to the world, especially in small ways. Bringing more joy into the world is one way to help raise humanity’s consciousness.


Love and Hatred

To hate is easy. To love is difficult.

Why is this? Because in our minds, hatred makes us feel better than or superior to someone else, whereas love makes us feel equal to everyone. Most of us are afraid to feel equal with the rest of humanity because deep down we fear it will somehow lessen our importance and achievements – or so we think. Loving others (equality) actually makes us even more important because when we love, we become living examples of the divine and all that is.

True divinity is the Great Destroyer of hatred, suffering, and negative thoughts and emotions. True divinity knows no anger, hatred or hardship. False divinity (ego) knows only anger, hatred and hardship.

Life can be easy or hard – it just depends on what you want from life. It is always your choice and your responsibility. You are the creator of your life and the world around you. If you want more love and joy in your life, then this is how you should treat others. If you want more anger and hatred in your life, then this is how you should think and behave toward others. If you want more respect in your life, then treat others with respect. The same can be said of tolerance, compassion, and kindness. It is always your choice because only you control your thoughts and actions – there is no one and nothing else to blame. The universe is not a mysterious place. What you give out, how you treat others, and how you think of others comes back to you three-fold, ten-fold, and even a hundred-fold.


The Flow of Life

27 March 2010

This week marks the one-year anniversary of my mother’s passing. Several months after her passing, I found I still felt a deep sense of loss, even though logically I understood that death was a natural stage of life and that life does indeed continue after we have left our physical bodies.

The message below are the words my mother sent to me from the other side. I found these words to be of great comfort. If you have lost someone close to you and still feel that a part of you is missing, then I hope you will find solace in this message. If you have never had to say good-bye to someone you love, then I hope these words help you appreciate life and everything in it. — With love and gratitude,                                                     E.Dee ——————————————————————————————————————————————————–

The key to a happy, joyful life is to let the emotions and events of life wash over you like a gentle tide of water.

Do not get caught up in time and the passage of time. View each new day and each new experience as an opportunity for fulfillment and joy. There is indeed joy to be found in every one of life’s moments…those that are considered good and those that are considered bad. When you can find joy and pleasure in life’s most excruciatingly painful experiences, you will know you have achieved full enlightenment. Then you will know you have attained Christhood. Most of us on this plane will never reach this level. It is not because it is unattainable. Rather, most of us do not wish to see the joy in life’s painful moments. We would rather wallow in self-pity and victimization than feel true joy.

To feel true joy one must open one’s heart fully, and once you do this all sorts of experiences and emotions will come into and through you. That is the key; let the emotions flow through you without distorting your true self. This is how you live up to your full potential. Once you open yourself up fully you will begin to see the very foundation of creation – how the universe came to exist and why it exists. Do not try to understand with your mind because once you step onto that road you will have already lost the battle. Just feel, nothing more, nothing less. You do not have to become a vegetarian, you do not have to meditate 12 hours a day, you do not have to walk barefoot to holy sites of pilgrimage. No, all you have to do is feel your emotions – all of them – and let them wash over you just as a free- flowing river moves downstream.

Embrace change and do not resist change. Most of us are afraid of change…we resist change with all our might because we think or we fear it will take something away from us and will bring us something bad. This is not the case. All of life is based on change. Every day millions of cells in your body die off and are replaced with new ones. Change is inevitable. Change is what makes life glorious and fun. Change makes life an adventure, as long as you remember to let the events and emotions brought about by change wash over you and pass through you. Do not hold on to what once was. Do not think your life last year was so much better than it is this year. Do not waste your time wondering why certain people have said certain things to you. That is the past and the past is nothing but a reflection of what has changed. With each change comes the chance to have new experiences and to see the world from a different perspective. As we gain experiences in life our perception alters. If nothing ever changed we would be trapped in limbo – a situation that would offer no enlightenment or chance for growth and experience beyond our own narrow realm of comprehension.

Change is why we are here. Change is what brings us life and joy. How boring would it be to go to the same office, see the same people, eat the same food and have the same conversation day after day after day? Change is what adds the spice to life and gives us enjoyment and pleasure. So you see, change should be embraced and not shunned or resisted. Without change you would be miserable!

So, the key to a successful and pleasurable life is to embrace change while letting the emotions and events pass through you so you are left with the experience and knowledge of every moment, but are free of the residue of holding onto negative emotions and thoughts. Resistance to change creates the same stumbling blocks to joy as does holding on to negative emotions. All is not lost if tomorrow you lose your job. While this type of dramatic change can be frightening, know that God and the angels are always there to guide you in the right direction and to ensure that whatever you experience will be for your highest good and not to your detriment. Change becomes to your detriment when you wish for what was and are afraid to move forward in the stream of life. Just like a blocked river cannot flow freely, neither can you and your life flow freely if you resist change or hold on to what once was, or try to create what will be in the future. Do not try to create your future. Life is a delicate balance that few, if any, of us on this plane fully comprehend. Therefore, let go and just watch what life brings. Life is a play and the Earth is a stage. Enjoy your time here and be open to change and whatever life throws your way. This is the secret of life.


A Message from the Universe about Change

The happenings in the universe are not random events, nor are they events of little or no consequence. The events and happenings in the universe are staged and planned and have significance on the minutest of levels. It is hard to believe that a stubbed toe or a slight misstep could have consequences far beyond yourself, isn’t it? But it is true. We are more than the sum of our parts. In fact, we are the sum of our parts and more because “our parts” in this case include the entire galaxy and beyond and goes so far as to include the entire time/space continuum – both that which we know about and that which we do not know about (at least not yet anyway).

Our existence is so much more than what we realize. Our existence stretches far beyond current scientific understanding. We are beings capable of great and wondrous adventures. It is through your adventures, what you would call life, that you begin to understand what you are capable of and what potential lies before you. There are no limits to what you can do and create. There are no limits to what glories you can achieve and experience. The only limits that are on you in this life are those you impose on yourself.

No one else can impose limitations on you because you are a magnificently powerful being – no one is more powerful or more capable than you are. This is true for everyone you see around you. If there are difficulties in your life or setbacks, there is no one to blame but yourself. Having said this, the last thing you should do is blame yourself because blame just creates more heartache and problems. Instead of blaming yourself or others for your difficulties or failings in life, you need to ask yourself what you have done to create this reality? Why have you brought this condition upon yourself? Inevitably, you will see that the condition or state of being you are considering was brought about by you for one of several reasons: 1) to teach yourself something, 2) to prove to yourself that you can rise above a situation, or 3) to help you understand a fundamental truth of life.

Once we see why a situation exists, we can move on to the next experience – the next adventure. However, this means change and most people are afraid of change. There are only two certainties in life – death and change. Many people falsely equate lack of change with safety and security but in truth it is only boredom and stagnation, which ultimately leads to disease and death.

It is through change that we are happier, more fulfilled and peaceful.

It is through change – not through staying the same – that we evolve.

Change brings freedom, expansion and growth.


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